Hello Rpf´ers
Who,What? as the title says. So in may 2012 Im going to a manga/comicon and I really wanna make something spectaular,something that makes people say WOW, and I need some Ideas, Ive been watching LOADS of youtube clips form comicons and stuff for Ideas, But hey the more the merrier :p
I have my sooooooon to be finished iron man suit for day 1 but this is for day 2 ^^
so I though Ide make a post and see what ur favourites are.

Everything is ofcourse welcome but I will stay awas from star wars and Halo :p sry hehe

Thanks in advance for any ideas /danny
Wouldn't it mean a little more if it were a character that you were interested in? I mean, asking for any input opens the flood gates to any character... from the most over done to the most obscure.

To me, I think costuming is actually more personal. I think if it's a character that holds a special place for you, you'll do it more justice.

But that's just kind of my two cents. Plus the other factors to take into consideration are resources (time, money, space, tools, etc.), skill level, and even physical characteristics (height, weight, facial features, sex, etc.). As well as how comfortable you want to be.

Eh... maybe I'm thinking about this too hard. I've never seen anyone do The Ventriloquist from Batman :D
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