Who wants a sculpting challenge?


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I'm not a lawyer (just the brother of one)...

But it seems to me there are some operative questions here:

1. Is making a a replica for your own use technically against the law (per the code books)
--I'd bet real money the answer is yes

2. Would the owner of the copyright pursue a private hobbyist who makes a single item for their own use, and effectively leverage punishment or damages via courts
--In most cases, probably not. But this harkens back to my 2nd post. It begs an understanding of the copyright holder (as best an understanding as possible). LFL is semi-tolerant of us. Apparently, the AMPAS is not tolerant of anyone.


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Here's another improtant thought...

My guess is that the AMPAS lexicon doesn't recognize the term "replica" nearly as much as it does COUNTERFEIT.

Chris Martin

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Even making a copy for yourself, lessens the value of the original and the copyright owner may pursue you for damages. They alone own the "right" to "copy" their property.