Who Says A Real Iron Man Is Impossible?

An iron man suit is possible. In fact they r making a real one at the moment. Agent Phil coulsen was promoting it. But after calculations a real iron man suit that's fully functional like the movie one would cost approximately 5mill and up
They'd definitely be onto something there if they made it look slightly more Iron Man-esque or instead of the streamers could add a big Superman cape..
And this has what to do with RPF? Atleast ask this to be moved to OT...

Sorry just thought id show... thought it would relate to all the iron man armors made...and if it would ever be possible to have an actual iron man costume rigged up to it be it foam or something... anything seems possible here at RPF...:lol

Please move if i have wrong forum :angel
Amazing. A little light body work and a paint job with those lights and theres no way you could tell the difference from flying distance away.
Well if anywhere is going to make a proper Ironman version its going to be on here!... $20 for a pdf of how to build this thing....hmmmm tempting
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