Who Makes Police Badges?


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Hi everyone,
I'd like to have a police badge made but all the companies online need a police I.d. before they will make one. I'm looking for the Amity Island Chief Of Police badge from JAWS made. I have the design but don't know where to go from here...:unsure

USS Endeav

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You can try making a bifurcated 3D drawing and having multiple places print the pieces.
Then assemble, mold and cast. Shapeways prints in metal so you can get elaborate by having
pieces printed in different metals of colors that might match the look you want.

Mike J.

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Of all the times I've seen Jaws, and having just seen it on the big screen for the anniversary, I never noticed the badge. Until today.


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Thanks for your posts. I appreciate it! I know I'm asking a lot but someone on the JAWS Board had one made and it got me going...lol Great pic of Brody and his badge by the way! I love the idea of the bifurcated 3D drawing and farming out the different parts! My trouble is that I've never dealt with that before and wouldn't know where to start. But never say never, I just have to do some research and maybe I'll be able to do it.
Thanks again for your help guys. :)


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Thank you Calvin...I mean bluecoyote! The badge isn't perfect but it's darn close! I wonder if I could use enamel paint to correct the colours? You may have just solved my problem! :D

luke moonwalker

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I've used www.chiefsupply.com before to make some Shawshank badges. I just had to submit a letter stating their use was prop display only and that there wasn't an existing facility called "Shawshank state prison". They do both Smith and Warren and Blackinton badges in the style you need with two tone options. Not the cheapest route but quality badges for sure.
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Thanks luke. That's the route I'd like to go but unfortunately I'm in Canada and I haven't found a badge supplier who'd be willing to do the same here. For the meantime I've ordered the Amity badge from Hollywood Prop Badges. I really appreciate the help and I'm sure anybody else who reads this thread will too! Many thanks again. :)


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I'd be worried about wearing one outside. I like the show, "Texas Rangers", so just acquired a badge. There's a site listing penalties for wearing one, but it's undersized (about 7/8"), and only says "TEXAS RANGERS", nothing else. No "Department of Public Safety", no "Sergeant", no "Company A/B/C". It's on my collar, so far no one has cared...

I think if it's clear you are in no way impersonating a real constabulary, no one cares...


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That's a really good point to make. I'm just making a display so I wouldn't be wearing it but you never know when the temptation arises...lol
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