Who "made" Roger Rabbit?

Replicant X

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RogerRabbit cartoon.png
So, will there ever be a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Big question ....
Maybe or maybe not. Meanwhile let's try to make that rabbit come to life.
:cool 601300_10151333746270009_205387971_n.jpg
This is the goal .... ;)

IMG_0233.JPG IMG_0235.JPG

First attempt to mold in foam. Almost there but not quite where it should be.

IMG_0225 01.jpg

Second try, well, well, we are on the right track.

ROGER FRONTAL 2nd.jpg ROGER side 2nd.jpg

Replicant X

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RABBIT FRONTAL 2.jpg Comparing the mold to the original, it shows that there should be less foam.
So this one is rejected, and need to take it apart.
IMG_02 rip off.jpg

Used part of this mold to get this new one.
This will be the base for the head now.
IMG_02 last rabb.jpg IMG_02 last rabb side.jpg

Replicant X

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I love your approach and your perseverance. Few people seem willing to rip apart their first attempt and try again. ;)

Thank you Coofunkcurly. You know that since you mentioned the possibility of making a Roger Rabbit, the challenge was well accepted.
I love this Toon, since I first watched the film. And I am definetly keeping a copy for myself, something I do not often do.
It is coming to life and should be completed by next week.
I believe it was you too, who mentioned thermo forming as a possibility, so the eyes, nose and tooth will be thermo formed acrylic.
I can use the thermoforming gig on other projects from now on. Thanks
Eyes,nose, tooth.jpg _eyenose front.jpg _eyenose side.jpg

Replicant X

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Hahaha!! thank you for the comments. Will add the whiskers tomorrow probably.
Body suit, clothes and feet should be done along entering week.
I will update on this.
Still considering if there will be a limited run for copies on the project runs section, or one copy only on sale on the junkyard. Depends if confident with the result, estimated cost and of course interest.
thank you for taking a second to have a look
ROGER RABBIT head side 2015.jpg

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Hey, hey, hey. So end of the day and here is the result. Need to tweek and fix a few details and this Wabbit is going to Toontown.
How do you like it?

R RABBIT full frontal 01.jpg

R RABBIT close side.jpg

R RABBIT full frontal 03.jpg


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This is absolutely amazing.
I stand and applaud you.

Would you mind if I contact you?
Id like to ask you a few questions.

Again, hats off to you and your incredible work.

John Bikeanus

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Hey man, I would be really interested in owning a Roger Rabbit suit if you decide to make more.

Do you believe I could have it before Easter? Thanks
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Replicant X

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Thank you John and usajdm,
Roger Rabbit is finally completed. I will open a thread on the Project Runs.
I will offer there a limited run of 6 suits and no more. Please check for it and get on the list.
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