Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?


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This is a costume I've wanted to do for years, and recently realized I had all the pieces I needed in my closet already. So tonight, I decided to put it all together. I hit a friends party before taking a walk through the streets.

The best thing about dressing up as The Shadow - looking bad ass
The worst thing about dressing up as The Shadow - explaining to people who The Shadow is :rolleyes

It's kind of a hybrid between the movie version and the illistrated version. I loved the fact that he had a full cape in the movie, but I like that he was always drawn with a long flowing scarf.



The pics are a little stylized, but I wasn't really able to get better ones before the battery in my camera died.

The hat is actually a licensed "The Shadow" hat. I assume it was a tie-in to the movie. I found it at a costume sale years ago. It was originally grey, so I used some black fabric spray paint on it.

The coat is a black, double breasted military great coat.

The cape is actually Snidely Whiplash's cape from the Dudley Do-Right movie (hence the purple lining)

The red scarf was a sash my mother made for me about 13 years ago for another costume.

Anyhoo, that's me clouding men's minds.
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Really cool man, and the purple lining actually plays well with the reveal, shows off the coat. :cool:thumbsup
Edit: Just saw the OP date :lol still cool :D
JackNappier - I used Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint, which I bought at Michael's. I think it took me a couple of cans to get the whole hat done.

Big Daddy - Thanks! Nice to finally be acknowledged 3 years later ;)

Yeah, I love that cape. A red lining would probably work better for The Shadow, but screw it, purple's what I got.

Someday I may actually take better pics of the costume.
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