Who knows the phone Murtaugh uses in LW1?


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I have been sitting online here for a while now going through a lot to try to crack this. I thought it could be a Mobira brand but any picture I see does not have a handset that looks the same with the buttons up the side of the phone beside the screen. HELP!
I have looked at google image after google image looking for a variation of mobira that matches and have surfed the web without luck. That handset is the problem.
The handset could have been custom but somehow I doubt it. I've not seen that reciever on any other phones and if mobira was being advertised in the film "which was possibly the first cell phone in film" then they wouldn't need to use a fake reciever.
The main body def appears to be mobira. I have seen other styles use that same base. However, the mobira logo usually is running diagonally in the upper left corner I think. This makes me think more that it could have been a pre-production model for product placement. Otherwise there would have been no need for that Mobira logo on the phone.
Yeah, I cracked it. Ironically, Fluxcapacitor is a good friend of mine. I'll let you know when I can. Of course, if Flux sees this post, I'll expect a text, lol.
Thanks. The handset looks factory , I'll guess that.

I'm pretty sure there is no way to get one working again with present systems.
Guessing it was AMPS of some kind and that is no longer supported in USA. So
I can't find out if anyone I know is crazy or the stock market crashed
if I stop on a bridge overpass.
Sadness. At least it should power up I would think.
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