Who here is "Little-gloomy" on Ebay?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by adamata, May 19, 2006.

  1. adamata

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    Is there a member here who goes by "little-gloomy"?

    Please PM me.
  2. Eyes Only

    Eyes Only Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Yeah I've been getting emails from him as well. He has to be a member because he said in his emails that he's clicked on my banner.

  3. adamata

    adamata Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    well, he is selling an item on ebay that I am 99.9% sure was something I made for an "at-cost" project.

    I told everyone that if I found people selling them on ebay i would stop making them.

    So, I need him to do the right thing and contact me.

    if not, and I figure out who it is (which I will), then I will stop making "at-cost" items here on the RPF.
  4. Darkknight0667

    Darkknight0667 Sr Member

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    Whoever he/she is, they're getting quite a bad reputation in the community. There's already a thread at ASAP about his/her stuff.

    Plus, if you look down the list of other items, isn't that JKolton's Visitor & Media passes, as well?

    Sadly, there are folks out there that will still frequent people like little-gloomy, in spite of the inaccuracy of the pieces (his/her BSG dogtags have 8 sides, instead of the accurate 6) and will be disappointed by the shoddy pieces thay eventually receive.
  5. SurferGeek

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    This is the same little POS that was pointed out over at ASAP recasting the owners work on the BSG rank pins, flight wings and the dumba$$ doesn't even know the difference between a hexagon and a octagon (BSG dogtags).


    Adamata... I'm sorry that a POS like this will stop you from doing some outstanding work. I for one am truely appreciative and hope that you can continue.

    I posted the above the exact same time as DarkKnight. ;)


    Too weird. I just hit "Add Reply" and added the comment regarding the DarkKnight post and it was added to this one. Must be a part of the "upgraded" software. It also changed the timestamp of my post which was 09:37 AM. Stupid...

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