Who has the creepiest prop/replica? Please show it.

I think this may be the creepiest prop/replica I own. Sideshows patient zero life sized bust.

Not the creepiest around, but one of our friends won't go near prop room because of these



And THIS is what made her squeal in sheer (genuine) horror :lol

I have part of the couch decoration from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It's just Cow Pelvis bones wired together with Bailing Wire. Nothing really to see, it is exactly what it is.
That patient zero bust is lovely, im sure my wife would let that in the house LOL

scariest prop I have is either one of my lifesize pred busts, or my tom spina werewolf
I think the Tingler is pretty creepy.

But my friends are still freaked out that I have this in the house.

Just wait until I get started on ventriloquist dummies, lol.
I'm not sure if anyone actually owns that horrific Linda Blair bust...so freaky.

But that has got to be the creepiest piece ever.

You'll probably need to surround it with a moat of holy water when displaying it in your home.
Not sure if these actually count, since they're original pieces of art and not props, but these usually creep a few people out at my house.

This is an embalmed sheep's heart suspended in fluid, illuminated with a red light in the base.

This is a self portrait I took in my basement with aforementioned heart for a photography class.

This is an old phone embedded with carpet tacks.

Also, the full size homemade casket in my bar room, but I don't have any pictures here with me. I'll try to post one tomorrow.
I have a full size Billy from Saw with tricycle. Sadly he's packed up in a box in the basement due to lack of space.
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