Who has done life size Death Star themes


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If you open the upper panels here, do tribbles fall out?
:lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol

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Unfortunately the floor still has the carpet. I didn't find anything yet that met my likings that didn't blow the budget. I was looking for something industrial. We had some awesome raised floor tiles that are used in computer mainframe centers at my "old work"...but now that A) yesterday was my last day and B) They are filled with concrete using them was out of the question.

Too bad I couldn't find the hollow ones as I knew we had them...they were PERFECT for the room and had the right clank,clank,clank when walking on them.

Oh and the room is about 150 sq. feet.....nothing big



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Would just a plain black lino do for the flooring?

I've not looked into it's price but I wouldn't think it's all that pricey and it should give you the right finish to your floor.



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Great job, now all you need to do is change out the light switches for some rocker style ones, painted to match...much more SW'sy. Wish I had the space to pull this off...I once thought about redoing Echo Base in my prop room...nixed by the budget and space to do it right.

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Fantastic work.
I'm bumping this thread hoping there's someone who has some good SW-themed window graphics and/or pics.
Steve/DL44, I can't see the pics of how your room turned out anymore. Could you post them again?

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Here's the most recent pics. I've done a little more stuff in the room lately, mainly getting my ESB Boba Fett assembly started.