Who does Wolf Morgan X still owe?

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I was following this story, with no resolution, and tried to follow Onigiri's link, which was not valid! What has happened? This is really disappointing when members of this board refuse to follow thru on their promises or give refunds.


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Nice thread necromancy.
1. This thread is over 2.5 years old which is prob why that link is now dead due to lack of interest (well, except for yours apparently).
2. Your new with a month old membership which means you had to do a search to find this thread (kind of a red flag when a newbie comes in searching for info on somebody that was banned a long time ago with for no apparent reason).
Whats your interest in this that you joined and did a search for Wolf?
3. Wolf faked his death. Thats a fact confirmed not only by the landlord but by RPF members that checked it out. He screwed a lot of people out of a lot of money and property so Id ask again, how and why did you dig up this thread as a new member? You definitely seem to have an opinion on the matter as well as an interest.
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