Who did the original "Stay on Target", "Don't Get Cocky", "I have you now" with wireframe logo shirts?


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I bought this trilogy of shirts way back in the day and the only surviving one is the black vader shirt. I'd love to replace the other 2 I've lost due to wear and tear. Does anyone recall who originally produced those and if they're still available?
Thanks, I'll look through those. I don't think it was DCB, man I haven't seen him in probably 20 years. Here's a used one as I track down the original creators.

I went back through old emails, but nothing goes back 20 years. :) It was OG from here way back in the day when it was PHPBB, probably 1999-2002. They are Hanes brand, very nice shirts, I remember on the vader one the aurebesh said something like "In darkness lies power", but I'm working on the translation.


and on the back:
I remember someone asking the same question not that long ago. The original artist responded and did offer them after that. I’m guessing they will again.
Yes, it was Skaught and myself. It was fun and also a lot of work, so I've switched over to Teepublic who offers various colors, styles, and sizes and handles drop-ships so it's all automagic! PLUS they do some two-sided t-shirts now, too.

The only issue is that Mouse legal does frequent passes and has specific designs removed. If someone wants one, you'd have to order immediately after I post it, then I'd pull it down to avoid scrutiny. Anyway, message me if interested and I'll be happy to coordinate.


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