Want to Buy Who can make me a screen accurate Padme Amidala ELG 3A blaster (real parts metal and wood)

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Hi everyone, I'm looking for someone really knowledgable with making heavy metal blasters and/or very experience with this Padme Amidala ELG 3A blaster. I've done some research myself and I assume the only "real parts" is the BBQ lighter? I tried searching the RPF forums but I only found a couple of info that wasn't really what I was looking for. I want to make it as screen accurate as possible using real parts. I want it to be heavy (not 3D printed) and made with real wood. I couldn't really find reference photos of the one used in the film, so I just found these. Is there a confirmed photo of the real one used?





I found this website under "Supplies" it says "Coleman Butane Lighter" for the Naboo Royal Pistol. Is that confirmed the actual BBQ lighter used? Also Coleman makes a lot of different Butane lighters, so I don't know which one it was.

I saw this image and I really like how the BBQ lighter looks burned/used and weathered. I also like how the lighter looks thin and long. I love the color of the wood, the shape of the handle, and all the little details and marks on the wooden handle. Not sure if the metal egg shaped piece would need to be painted chrome or not but I really like how this one came out, although I doubt it's screen accurate right?


I want it to look like it just came off of set. I know the one Natalie probably used isn't going to be heavy but I want it to have a good weight to it (real metal perhaps?) but the most important thing for me is I want it look like it was just taken off set. That's why I am looking for someone who has either created this before or has a ton of knowledge on it and knows someone that can make me one. I've talked to a couple people that have said they can make me one, but have no real knowledge besides what I'm telling them and so I just wanted to check the RPF forums before I go through with them. Any recommendations for top notch builders would be helpful too. Someone you know that can do this. I understand this takes time, but I would love it to be done before October 15th, 2019. I know that's pretty soon, but if not possible, that is fine. That is just my targeted deadline. I know great quality products aren't rushed. Thank you guys for any advice and help!

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Well I can do it, but I'll need 6 more months at least to finish to get setup and ready to work on it. It's really a project dear to me but I have so much stuff to do at the moment that I don't have time right away.
I doubt some of the big run makers will be interested by that because of the wood work and the fact that probably very few people will be interested by a prequel prop.


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also I just read a bit better your post, the deadline of the 15th of october is of course not possible for me and will be hard to met for people that didn't preparer for this yet.
The coleman lighter is just an asseumption I think and I never found one myself. I think machining the part will be a better solution. ;)

for me, the first photos you are showing are all of the real props.
photos from the costumes exibitions are a good source too for small details that are hard to catch on those photos because of the chrome and the white book background.


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I could probably machine most of the parts, but I would need a blue print.
I know a guy who works exclusively with wood, so we could probably pump out that handle over a weekend.
I have no current resources for chroming, but polished aluminum actually looks better than chrome.

From what I'm seeing on ebay, if it is a lighter, it's probably a vintage one that could take some time to find.

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