Who bought my old collection and do you still have it?

Laser Brain

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In 2003 I sold my entire collection on this forum. Today I was looking at some old photos and wondering who had bought the items and whether they still had them. I'd be interested to know.

I couldn't escape the hobby for long and have rebuilt and purged my collection a few times since. :)

I don't have pics of everything, but here's what I've saved. They are from 2002.

Bossk mask (Can't remember the maker, though I should 'cos this was awesome)...

C-3PO head (I know Zorg had this)...

Real sterling E11...

Unfinished Fett ESB blaster (Real Webley). I'm still gutted I sold this.....

Fett ROTJ blaster...(BobaDebt, I think)

Gaffi stick (Real Totokia). Gutted I sold this too...

Greedo Killer...

Han Solo ESB costume...

Unfinished Jabba's Palace Guard blaster...

Luke ANH Graflex...

Luke ESB saber...

Luke ROTJ saber (I think SD Studios?)...

Maul saber (Hez I think) and Maul binoculars...

Obi-Wan ANH saber (SD Studios)...

Training Remote (Frank's)...

Han Solo ANH blaster (BD's)...

Han Solo ESB blaster (BD's)...

Han Solo ROTJ blaster (BD's)...

TIE Pilot armour (TE's I think)...

Tusken Raider (Godzilla's)...

Vader ANH saber (Real MPP)...

Vader ROTJ saber (SD Studios I think)...

Wicket (Ronculus)...

Yoda (Jim Sparrow foam latex)...

Yoda saber (SD again I think)...

Bikerscout helmet (unknown maker)...

Converted Hasbro Battledroid blaster...

Scratchbuilt Blade pistol...

Battlefield Earth blaster...


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Neil, you had an amazing collection back in the day, and my wife still blames you for getting me and my wallet into this hobby:lol

I had the wicket and the esb Luke saber, dont own either anymore, sold the esb luke to fund the MR one, and Wicket to fund our house purchase, I missed the little guy so much that I had to get Ronculus to make me a new one

I used to love your website, and the pics you took of each prop were inspiring....

i still own quite a few other pieces of yours, and there were a few that I wish I'd snagged at the time...esp that lovely R2 you had


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still got 3po :thumbsup

i wanted that droid blaster as well, dunno why i did'nt buy it at the time :confused


Laser Brain

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Paul, Apologise to her for me please:lol Yeah, Ron's Wicket was nice. I had him delivered to work....that was a mistake....never lived it down. Nobody could understand why I needed an Ewok. :lol

It was tough selling my collection for sure, it's getting there again though...slowly. I doubt I'll ever find a Webley or a Totokia as nice as the ones I had though. It's good to see Godzilla still makes the Tusken...I'll grab one of those one day.

Zorg, I'm glad you've still got the 3PO. I think Kurtyboy bought the Droid blaster...not sure though.

Anyone remember who made the Bossk?


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i had one of godzilla's tuskens also, sold it to help buy my house, like you i hope to get another one day.



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Neil will do:lol, you should post pics of how your collection looks these days, I bet youve got some super nice pieces.

I think most people are in the same boat though, they build up a nice collection then either sell pieces to upgrade or for real world reasons.

The only items I ever regretted selling were your wicket and my MR neauralyser, everythingelse could be replaced...


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Those are some great pieces; they bring back memories from my early days on the forum.

I believe that's a Brian Lewis Bossk mask. (I have one too.)


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I also remember the Bossk bust, cant remember the maker either, I just remember after him he made an amazing Cantina Bith alien!


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I think the makers name was Glitch,does that sound familiar, I remember how gutted I was when I missed out on yours, and I think ive only ever seen two more come up for sale since!


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Not sure, but I may have also bought your Panther RO72 pellet gun. Just missing the scope body and scope tip to complete it.

Luke Skywalker

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Wow. Back then I was ignorant to the props. I was content with the Original Trilogy and quoting the script. This is awesome.

Live and learn, i guess.

Laser Brain

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Paul, That was him! Glitch.
Marcus...cool you still have it all...did you ever finish the Vibro-Ax? It was missing the super soaker?


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No, it had the Super soaker. A real one too I thnk. I just replaced the top plumbing part with the correct one.

Paul, That was him! Glitch.
Marcus...cool you still have it all...did you ever finish the Vibro-Ax? It was missing the super soaker?
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