Who are ya gonna call? New metal bumpah!

Norse Iron Man

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Not me, I'm actually scared of ghosts.

What does this have to do with a Norse Iron Man? I have no idea.

But I love Ghostbusters, it's my life's obsession, and currently my only hobby. I embarked on this project when I was 13, and have been working on it ever since, I'm 18 now. The uniform is from GB2. I custom dyed it a few months ago and the color has worn, so it's not quite accurate anymore. I have the MT500 from the first film, and the flash light from the new video game. This uniform has seen Comic Con, a ghost town, and it's been to a Twilight Convention (my team and I crashed it). Hundreds of dollars have been poured into this, perhaps more.

Finally here's some pics. -







So the main question, what do ya all think?
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Re: Who are ya gonna call?

Great costume! I don't see people make the GB2 costume as often as the original, but yours looks awesome and stands out in that aspect.
Re: Who are ya gonna call?

Ha, Ghostbusters 2 is my favorite out of the films, many people have bitten my head off because of that. Anyway, thanks for the complements!
Re: Who are ya gonna call?

GB2 doesn't exist? Next thing you know you're going to tell us that now dogs and cats are living together!!!

Awesome costume. I would like to do a GB3 costume!
Re: Who are ya gonna call?

Again, thanks for the complements. I'm still ever working on it, as of right now I have new name tags for it. My pack needs a few repairs, also I should probably show pics of that!



Re: Who are ya gonna call?

Went to an event recently at a Ghost Town, and got some new pictures. I had a new name tag sewn on, and centered the shoulder patch.



Here I'm recieveing my second place metal from the costume contest, had some technical difficulties because of my glasses, lolz




Well, that be it for right now.
Re: Who are ya gonna call?

hey Norse IRON MAN I have a question for you. in the picture with your proton pack on the floor. What is the rather large object next to it?
Re: Who are ya gonna call?

If you're asking about the one of it on the tile floor, thats a Proton Pack from the Extreme Ghostbusters cartoon series, paint job influenced from the actual movies.
Re: Who are ya gonna call?

Heck yeah! I got to meet Ernie Hudson a few months back, he signed my Slimer pillow... :D
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