white spirit on monster clay


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ive been told that brushing white spirit on monster clay is a good way of finishing it off.

if i did this would the clay still be reusable once ive made my mold or will the chemicals mean i cant reuse it?



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You can reuse the Monster Clay. The mineral spirits will break down the surface making it almost muddy. Use it to smooth surfaces or to soften texture. The mineral spirits will eventually evaporate but I think with white it may take a few days.


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I use a different oil based clay but I've found it can take a good few days to evaporate leaving a sticky & very delicate surface. I now use lighter fluid, it evaporates very quickly & with a dusting of talc after can give a relatively hard smooth surface.

Might be an idea to try different thinner's on a spare bit of clay to see what works best for you.

HTH :)
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The nice thing about Monster Clay is that 99% alcohol will do wonders for smoothing things out so you don't have to go straight to the lighter fluid etc like Chavant.


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The amount you use matters a good deal. I use white spirits over monster clay and have never had a problem with it taking too long to dry out. I brush on a very light coat however which makes it workable for about ten minutes and dry in about thirty. The brand could be the reason why some spirits aren't drying quickly. I use the stuff from hobby lobby.

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The active ingredient in lighter fluid is the Naptha... Terrible stuff honestly. I prefer 99% Alcohol for Monster Clay as TheKingaSwing said. A lot less toxic over all.

Chavant can be smoothed very nicely with plain water, but MC has a much higher wax concentration.
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