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Hi! I've noticed that a few charecters like Deadpool, wolverine and animated batman have completely white lenses that they can see out of and don't seem cast a reflection of anything around them like sunglasses do,
b217d298719828a480c329e161ec1d7f-5-reasons-why-the-deadpool-movie-might-be-okay.jpg 3785844-5528271079-wolve.jpg Batman.jpg

Do you know a place I could get something like this or a way that I could make them?


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In the case of that Deadpool photo, the eyes are done in post-processing with CG. (Albeit because they wanted to change the shape of his eyes like in a comic, rather than it being impossible to make lenses that appear to be opaque.)



The achieve a fairly visible lens with a pretty opaque white look, most people have tiny perforations in the the white so you can see through the tiny holes but it looks solid from a mild distance. As you can see here, the lenses on Spiderman have a mesh-like appearance.



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Since I expanded my Star Lord lenses to any red, blue, or green lens you could want, I've had a couple people ask for white for Batman. I'm going to try something next time I laser cut some lenses and see if I can't figure out a way to make it work.
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