Which verson of Pepakura works with the Aliens USCM armor?


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I've got the Pepakura patterns for doing the USCM armor from Aliens. I think that I got them from Nintendude over at The Hunter's Lair. Anyone know which version of Pepakura works with these? I've got 3 versions of Pepakura Designer and 3 versions of Pepakura Viewer, and none of them seem to work! I get these "File does not exist" error messages. I think I had this problem with another computer, but was somehow able to eventually open them. Not this time, though..... :confused


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I think the question is what version of the model works with pepakura software? Did you try renaming the file? Sometimes that works when you get that error.


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What version of the model works with the Pepakura software? How would I find that out? (Ourside of trying to load it in different versions and seeing if it loads.) Is it embedded in the file somewhere? Sorry if I'm being slow this morning, but I've barely had any coffee yet.... :)

On a related note, I had another set of the armor in another directory that I had labeled "Probably all duplicates"..... but they worked. I haven't checked to see if the names are the same or not, but these others seem to work fine!

Still curious to find out how to check the model or version number of the pep files.



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and none of them seem to work! I get these "File does not exist" error messages.

If you are trying to open the PDOs and they are still inside an archive file, try extracting them first and then double clicking. The other thing you could try doing is opening Pepakura Designer/Viewer first and then doing a File->Open and browsing to the files.

I have all the USCM Marine armor files and they work fine with all the latest Pepakura software so it is definitely not the files but your computer or the way you are trying to open them.


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Actually I did'nt make the pepakura files. H1rgon did. I just sourced the 3D Model and did the break down of the parts. And yes, before I was PepMaster I was known as Nintendude/Vagabond.
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