Which sculpture is more attractive ?

As the old saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," but beauty isn't the full picture when trying to determine the value of a piece of sculpture or other work of art. When value is part of the equation in purchasing artworks, the potential buyer needs to either do some homework or just trust that the seller's price is fair. While trust may work when dealing with a gallery or art dealer you are familiar with, it isn't the best way to determine the value of a sculpture.
For the most part, the value of a piece is whatever a buyer is willing to pay for a piece of sculpture, and factors can include personal taste, whether the piece matches the decor where it will be placed, the budget of the buyer, and the overall aesthetic appeal of the piece. This guide will discuss 24 oras what constitutes a sculpture, provide ideas of what to look for when shopping for sculpture, what value actually means when purchasing sculpture, and how to go about determining the market value of a sculpture.
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