Which Replica "Toy" Lightsaber?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by Joe324, Dec 26, 2011.

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    Hi guys, I'm new here as you can tell...And I have around £150 to spend on a replica Lightsaber for display/decoration in my room and general banter, it's not for cosplay or anything desiring the ultimate replica...and ultimate price!

    I'm wanting either a Darth Vader or Anakin Lightsaber preferably with removable blade, though it's not the be-all and end-all.

    I'm looking at a force fx model but I'm unsure if I'm better off getting a master replica or hasbro? Wave1 or? In short, I don't have a clue!

    Links are also appreciated!

  2. Organic Mechanic

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    Well, for your stated budget Force FX is the way to go.

    Points to consider:

    MR is out of production, and never made a removable blade. Out of production also means that the aftermarket price will be higher.

    Hasbro is currently the only maker of Force FX lightsabers. So if you wish to buy new, they are your only option. I own one of their Signature Edition (first wave) Darth Vader models, and absolutely love it. I am led to believe that the SE were just re-branded MRs, for whatever that's worth. But the Hasbro, as far as I know, are comparable to the MR with the added bonus of removable blades on some models.
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    I absolutely love the Force FX sabers. I own two Hasbros: Luke and Vader ANH with removable blades. (I have pictures of these on my yourprops)

    I don't consider them 'toys', I think of them as 'almost replicas' / adult collectibles. They are, for the most part, accurate to the film props, but some dimensions and features are different. For example, on my Luke ANH, the 'rabbit ears' on the top are separate from the bulb clamp, where they should be together.

    For me, since I'll never be able to afford a replica hilt, these are close enough for me. Plus, they light up and play the sound effects, and you can display it with or without the blade.

    All of the sabers that Hasbro offers are the same molds/parts as the MR ones, with the exception of the sabers MR didn't offer, of course. Only thing is, some people say that the material used in the hasbro ones is of lesser quality, though I don't have a MR to compare with. I'd probably just stick with Hasbro's. The only removable blade ones available now are Luke ANH, Anakin ROTS, Vader ANH, Maul, and Kit Fisto.

    If you want an actual toy one, go with the ultimate FX ones, they're only about $30.
  4. mikey123mushukl

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    The new hasbro fx lightsabers pack the most bang for the buck, ( @ $35.00 ) and are even closer to the actual prop size than the master replica or hasbro force fx lightsabers.
  5. Aussie66

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    You mean the new "ultimate" fx lightsabers? They're plastic kids toys and sized accordingly...
    The Hasbro Force FX or Master Replicas force fx is what you're after. They're full size basically replicas made out of metal. They're no good for duelling but if you're just wanting them to display and wave around a bit they're exactly what you want ;)
  6. mikey123mushukl

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    exactly!!! Ihave dissasembled these lightsabers and have added longer LED strips and thick walled polycarbonite blade to make a more sturdy / full sized replica.

  7. Robiwon

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    Mikey, I'm glad you like the Hasbro Ultimate FX Sabers. But they are not on the same level as the Hasbro FX sabers. The UFX are all plastic and much smaller than the "real" hilt. The Hasbro FX sabers are mostly metal hilts, full length blades, and are closer in size to the "real" hilts.

    The UFX sabers are definately worth the $30 selling price. And yes, the FX sabers are worth the $120 selling price.
  8. dayspringxo

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    I would also go for the FX lightsabers. They have them with removable blades now.
  9. thegreatgalling

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