Which paint for my Endoskull? Painted nearly done....


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I just picked up a cool t-800 endoskull off the junkyard and really want a more chrome than silver look. It seems that there are 3 good options, Alclad, Molotow and S-something (old brain forgot). they all have downsides, what I really don’t want is to paint it up and then seal it, only to ruin the finish. Any help is really appreciate! There’s a ton of vids on YouTube but this is they all seem to leave out the sealer from what I can tell. Thanks!


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Alclad has (I think) 4 different sealers for it's chrome, each in varying degrees of gloss. For the skull, perhaps the Klear Kote Light Sheen?


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I am really liking a new brand of "chrome" that I found recently. It's called Kcolors, and the one I like is called 60 Steel. You can see it in action in the video below:

That looks really nice. Fortunately most of the pre primer work is done and the skull is super smooth. My only issue now is only alclad aluminum and the Spaz stix are available on Amazon ( I’ve got a gift card I’d like to use. Any thoughts on the Spaz product?


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Okay here is a cool chrome look see my Mando full size bus build and see for your self this paint is Rust-OLEUM metallic finish it has like a chrome top this is great stuff I sprayed my 18 inch neca terminator endo with this and he looks cool so check out my Mando build and see the paint effect your self


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I still have some touch ups,but it’s pretty done. The teeth were a huge pain, and thankfully my wife had some that came in handy unexpectedl. The jaw bolt is a real metal bolt as I removed the molded in one, and is indistinguishable from the painted finish. The jaw pistons were a huge pita as the broke multiple times
.I’ve always wanted one of these and am happy with the results. Now I just need an arm and I’ll call my Terminator collection complete. Thanks for looking.