which movie(s) feature a US Flag Patch with more than 50 stars


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Are you just wondering or did you get an order of patches from some stupid patch makers? :lol:

If you buy patches made in China you might end up with surprises...

Made in China.jpg


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I read once that in "Robinson Crusoe On Mars", the flag had either 51 or 52 stars.

That such an underrated movie!
War of the worlds ships modified but same cool sound effects plus Adam West is briefly in it too..
EnemyMine pretty much is a remake of it.. oh and Soldier..


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In Star Trek next Generation's episode "The Royale" they find a clearly (and poorly) morphed Apollo 17 patch with a 52 star flag above it.
Click here to see that.
This shows a section of the spaceship with the same star pattern, and I assume that's from the same episode?

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