Which memo did I miss on hot glue guns?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by FWBulldog, May 11, 2012.

  1. FWBulldog

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    It's possible that my glue gun just sucks bigtime, but I have no idea how you guys could do pep with a glue gun.

    Every single time I touch something to my glue stick, and then pull it away I get long strands of "glue glass". And then my gun seems to always leak a little glue from the tip, so every time I pick it up I've got the long strand hanging from the tip.

    How do you use a glue gun without getting it everywhere, all over everything?

    Is there a specific model I should look into? I've tried it for foam, but ended up using a super glue gel (which worked better and was way less messy).

    Enough people use glue here that I must be doing something wrong.
  2. Crank729

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    Yeah....I don't know how people use it for stuff like pep. Messy,dangerous, and usually the peps aren't the cleanest.

    Just an opinion though, whatever works for people!
  3. Finhead

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    YOu found your answer Superglue Gel the only way to PEP IMO. ;)
  4. FWBulldog

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    Agreed, for pep I like SG. However, there are times when a glue gun would be very handy. Is there a model that doesn't suck?
  5. The Ronin

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    As far as I know, hot glue guns come in 2 types: Low and high temp. IIRC the high temp works a little cleaner because it melts the glue to a more liquid state, but you can still get the dumb strings.
  6. animefan

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    you can also get specialty hot glue that doesn't leave strands as well, it works better but its more money than regular.
  7. Shylaah

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    You need to get yourself a good holder for your glue gun, one with a V shape in it that you can scrape the "leaking glue" off as you grab it out and an appropriate sized ceramic tile to sit it on.

    What size gun are you using? We always used the big gun for doing wreaths and working with artificial flowers, but I'm thinking the small one might do better on the paper application, though the continuous need to reload those short sticks could get to be a pain.

    Strings are just part of the game. Is it having them stringing around while you work what bothers you, or trying to get rid of them afterwards.......other than the wiping or as animefan says there is a no-string kind available but for getting rid of them afterwards we use to give stuff a blow drying and the little spiderweb glue strings just disappear.

  8. venator

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  9. Bigturc

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    I tried using my hot glue gun when I did my first pep for about 5 secs. I tell you, I can't imagine people liking using it!!!

    I've moved to white glue, it's cheap, works a treat and if you rub it a little on the tab, it'll dry faster! Gives you just enough time to move the tab to the proper position too.

    Super glue, I'm sure, works really great!! But *, at 7$ a bottle, it must add a lot to the cost for a whole costume!!!
  10. FWBulldog

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    I've moved on to the Scotch Quick Dry Tacky Glue. I squirt a little on some excess cardstock, and use flat toothpicks as applicators. My peps are far more accurate, this is way easier, and I don't glue my fingers together every 5 seconds.

    The flat toothpick allows me to spread exactly the right amount of glue in a tight space. Too much, it oozed out and won't bond. Too little, it won't hold. Once you figure it out, you can apply it perfectly, give it a little squeeze, and move to the next tab. Takes just seconds per tab.
  11. Zenman

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    I built my first IM helmet with the hot glue gun, what a mess and a pain. I then went and started researching different superglues and have been through a few trying to find just the right one. I finally ended up using Locktite Super Glue Brush-On :Brush-On Super Glue from Loctite Adhesives you have about 10 seconds and can control the glue very nicely.
  12. kidUltron

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    Nearly any Loctite glue is what you need to use for Pep (offbrand "Super Glue" does not like paper). I had heard people using Hot Glue, tried it once, have since concluded that people who hot glue Pep instead of Loctite are masochists.

    This stuff in particular is fantastic. Once you get a feel for it, the squeeze sides are great. Pick up, tiny squeeze, dab, stick, count to 10 (or 45 if you get the Control stuff) and its ON. Set the bottle down, line up the next set of numbers, wash-rinse-repeat.
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  13. cavx

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    I would have thought just a standard water based glue would be best for PEP. I don't think I have the patience for that though. And yes there are two types of glue gun as mentioned - high and low temp.
  14. bamboodia

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    Haha, I'm a * then :) I did my whole IM suit with hot glue and became a dab hand at using it after a few pieces. Saying that though I will still try the super glue gel on my next project as I've noticed that the hot glue can sometimes come through while filling and sanding.
  15. EyeofSauron

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    since i came to this site, i bought the cheapest hot glue gun i could find, and im using it all the time. no problems whatsoever. love doing it this way. also cheaper than superglue. 10 gluesticks cost me about 1.29

    love every bit of workingwith hot glue, especially, when you **** up, you can undo it and redo it. im not giving up my gluegun for any amount of superglue
  16. kidUltron

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    You are a braver man than I ;)

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