Which Marty McFly to dress as?

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    So, I've basically finshed his costume for the first movie. While pretty much none of them are 100% screen accurate, the point is they look like they are. I have the following:

    Nike Shoes

    White checkered button up shirt that looks like his pattern (only difference are these yellow lines that go in between each square which are hardly noticeable). I've also gotten them trimmed and using special tape they look like exactly as his does from the film, folded up sleeves.

    Jeans that looks like the guess ones he wore.

    A bubble orange vest jacket

    A red maroon plain t-shirt

    A fake but real looking jeans jacket like shirt that is button up

    Black 1" suspenders (couldn't find 3/4")

    Sunglasses that look just like his along with an Art in Revolution badge.

    I also have a replica Hover Board, but sine this is the first movie were talking about (unless someone can confirm he wore this stuff in the second) I doubt it's relevant.

    I was wondering, do you think I could get away dressing as him in just the t shirt, the white checkered shirt (slightly unbuttoned so you can see the red shirt) tucked into a pair of jeans and the suspenders? I've seen Marty wear just this in several scenes. The issue is he doesn't wear everything (except at the start) consistently. I could wear it all, but I'm concerned it all looks too bulky and would make me too hot. This is all for Comic Con so I'll be doing tons of walking. What do you all think? Any advice? Should I just go with my gut?

    EDIT: Would photos help? Of me in different sets of them?
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