Which dream prop would you want?


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Radio controlled Hero Johnny 5 Robot

Han Solo in Carbonite

Full size Audrey 2 (when she grows to adulthood)

Full sized Enterprise D :p

Delorean souped up ala BTTF

Ghostbusters Car

Working Dick Tracy Watch
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Second the Denise Richards, but with a matching Neve Campbell please.


* any of the brass objects from Dumbledore's office. $200-$500 in resin, plenty more I guess if metal.

* the Dark Crystal. Not the shard. $1200 in full scale?

* Gelfling Wall of Destiny. $1200 ish? Not sure of size

* glaive - yeah, seconded, with working blades.

* working Book of the Dead and matching Key to Hamunaptra (I know, someone's doing the key already, but a book and a key that actually opens it FTW!)

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i've got another.
a SA "Grant" raptor claw. i've got one of kylash's claws and it's great, but i'd really love to get a pull from the actual prop. perhaps cast in metal, so i can carry it around in my pocket(or even just handle it casually) without fear of breaking it. i still like to play with my toys, especially if i'm watching the movie. :) of all the things to latch onto, a fictionalized dinosaur fossil. whod've thought THAT would be my holy grail.
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I would have to say

1. Fully Functional Replica Punisher Warzone 10.5 inch Nickel S&W M500 with Compensator $150.00-180.00

2. Punisher Warzone Jigsaw Prosthetic face pieces $150.00 to $300.00 (pending on the quality, detail and reusability)


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A full-sized Batmobile from 'Batman Begins' (or at the very least, the Bat Pod. Extra points if it actually works!)

Oh, and the 'Matrix of Leadership' from "Revenge of the Fallen" would be cool as well (not to mention cheaper...)
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Bag End...

Too late. I've already spoken for that one.


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Wearable game-accurate Crysis suit. I'd kill for this one.

Wearable screen-accurate Robocop suit.

Wearable screen-accurate Dune stillsuit.

Damn, I love suits :ninja


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A "Metal" Riddler Cane from Batman Forever. I will pay $1000.00 for anyone that can recreate this prop accurately. Help me RPF, you're my only hope.


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- 1:1 exact metal replicas of the Hellsing guns, Jackal & Joshua

- Wolverine adamantium skeleton :)

- 1:18 APC personnel carrier from Aliens (BTW, what happened to the one that was in the movie?)
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My Dream Prop would be, and only be:

1:1 Jeanie bottle with actual (Barbara Eden) Jeanie that pops out and grants my every wish.
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