Which costuming method for Iron Man MkVI for someone starting out?


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So for upcoming cons next year, most notably Phoenix ComicCon and DragonCon, I am wanting to make an Iron Man costume as close to screen accurate as possible. I have looked through a great number of the threads here, and found a lot of information about how to make both foam and Pepakura versions of the costume.

This will be my first major build. Which of the two would be easier for me to do? Which would be more durable? Which would end up looking better? Which would be more cost effective?
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easy and screen accurate don't go together.

screen accurate takes a lot of work via the original pep method of fiberglass resin/filler/sanding route.

Foam is for cosplay and takes about a 1/10 of the time to make. Also low cost.

Great costumes but shouldn't be looked at so seriously as a replica.
Thanks for your response. I am thinking that I will probably work on the harder, pepakura version of it, then. It might be harder, take a lot longer, cost a bit more, but... I think I will be far happier with the end result, will develop more useable skills, and have a much greater sense of accomplishment.

Besides, I like challenges.
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