Which Blade Runner "Deckard" Trench Coat looks best, if any?


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I really want a "Deckard" Trench Coat, but I do not want to spend an extreme amount. I am still growing so the jacket will most likely only last about a year for me, so no point in spending even $200. Which of these looks best/most accurate:

Blade Runner Costume Rick Deckard Trench Coat - $129.00 : Hello Cosplay : Cosplay Costumes :Cosplay Wigs

Blade Runner Rick Deckard Trench Coat Costume | CosplaySky.com

Blade Runner Costume Rick Deckard Trench Coat - $139.00 : MovieCos - Movie Costumes For Cosplay, Halloween

I mean it doesn't have to look EXACTLY like the film jacket, but I would still like it to be pretty close. If none of the given links looks like the film jacket or if it is not good, I would be more than happy to see some places you would recommend I could get the jacket. Do not forget, I will only be using this jacket for a short time so don't give me the link to abbyshot or magnoli though I would love them, it is too much for a coat I will only use for a year.


BladeRunner theres another cheap Deckard trench made by Costumebase on ebay, the jacket cost £95 or you can opt for the full shirt, tie and coat for £120.
I've dealt with this company before, the delivery is quick and the quality is good!
The Costumebase trench is the more realistic in look feel and colour, it's still missing the extra buttons on the collar as are the others, and the collar could be longer, but for the price not bad! these modifications could be added by the company ask them?
This trench should wear in well, allowing the desired worn and crumpled effect like Deckards.....

As for the other's CosplaySky's is plain "AWFUL"! god forbid any self respecting Rep Detect would be caught wearing a suedette trench (far too heavy) or that orange wig?....AVOID!!!...and the HelloCosplay & MovieCos trench's are the same coat.....the colour is wrong! and a yellow satin lining?......Gaff yes, Deckard no!

Conclusion....CostumeBase check them out!
hope that helps?

Dave Ward

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Am I losing my touch, or does that costumebase trench look really good? I can see some things on it that aren't 100%, but just in terms of looking like a real coat and not a costume piece.


Your not wrong there Dave! the CostumeBase coat is a decent coat, it wont cause the bank manager to look at you with contempt! a few tweaks here and there and you have a coat that looks good and can be worn on a regular basis.....you don't have to spend a fortune to get something accurate.


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I have recently upgraded my Costumebase coat collar. The quality of the fabric is good and the stitching is very good. According to clothe making friends the stiching used is not simple.

Here are photos of the original collar, the material I took from another jacket for the collar and the finished collar.



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