Where to get this small diameter conduit?


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Anyone know of a source to find this type of metal conduit or wire in a diameter of .06-.09?
It just need to look like the cable in the pic. It should be flexible but does not need to be hollow. The diameter of what is shown is 1/8" and it is too big.
Any help is appreciated!


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I don't think any company makes armored cable with such a small diameter. How about bicycle gear change cable with the outer sheathing removed?

Hmmm. I am not sure of a gear change cable. What you see up there is a bike brake cable with it starting removed. I at all look at your suggestion and see if it is a smaller diameter.


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Not that not that I know of. Perhaps there is pin striping at an auto detailing store that has chrome and black where you can carefully wrap it around a tube or wire of your choice.

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