Where to get blue glass tube?

Kris Lyssara

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Does anyone have any ideas? I'm looking for some 5/8" blue glass tubing for a prop project, and haven't been able to find any solid leads on it. As long as I can fit an LED into it, I don't care what the inner diameter is, but I need several pieces, each one roughly 2" long. Preferably thick enough for the finished prop to be carried casually (most blue glass is borosilicate glass, so I'm not too worried about that if I reinforce it internally). The ideal color of blue I'm looking for would be identical to the blue of the dome on the end of the CO 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver.

Kris Lyssara

Sr Member
16mm BLUE COLORED TUBING - glass blowing supplies, lampworking, beadmaking, glass rods and tubing

Beyond that if you want to pay a premium I have a friend that is professional glass blower with A LOT of industry connections and I'm sure he could get some for you but he would likely charge a premium for the trouble...

Didn't think of that.... one of my mom's co-workers also does glasswork, I could probably ask him about it.

Acrylic wouldn't work?

It *would*, but I'd prefer using glass for the feel and appearance of the prop. I've already got a source on acrylic tube matching what I'm looking for, I just want to see if I can find glass tube first.
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