where to get a snow trooper helmet kit????


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So I am still on the lookout for a good hoth trooper helmet kit. I contacted guidon over a year ago, paid through paypal and he promised a kit. Well, now 14 months later and no kit. he doesnt even respond to my emails.

A kind member here who lives in Germany has been trying to help, and I REALLY appreciate it, but it looks like I am out 150.00 and I still do not have a helmet.

Anyone know of a decent place??



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When did you pay for the helmet kit?

Please send me all transaction details, since I´m trying to help out another rpf-member with a problem he has with movie FX right now. Might be possible to adress boths issues at once. ;)

Just to clarify...I`M NOT affiliated in any way with G.Messika and the business he´s running...just trying to help.



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Originally posted by damon5973@Jan 19 2006, 11:07 AM
still looking............. :unsure
That PM I sent you a few days ago didn't help?