Where to buy Smooth-On UVO pigments with PayPal?


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I need to buy a bunch of Smooth-On UVO opaque pigments ASAP, but it's going to take probably til Monday to get $ from my PayPal to my bank account. Have yet to find a US seller that takes PayPal *and* stocks the UVO pigments.


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I get all my stuff through Reynolds Advanced Materials. Might be worth a shot to contact them as you need them quickly and they're fairly accommodating people.


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Ordered from engineerguy site. Thanks! Reynolds doesn't take PayPal. :( I usually order from FarWest in Walla Walla but they're out of stock on many Smooth-On products, so are many others due to the company recently moving their production to a new location.

What's that? Push production to build up stock for a while before shutting the factory to move? Nahhhh!

Now I need to get my 3D printer built...
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