Where to buy 'robot skeletons'?


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Good day to all my fellow humans. As is the case when I run myself into a corner and have no idea what I'm doing, I'm yet again turning my questions to the board of great knowledge that is theRPF.com.
Does anybody know if there is such a thing as a size customisable robotic skeleton that one might be able to install into their own project?
I'm currently making a Gizmo model and I was thinking that it might be cool to create a robotic puppet. I've already done a small search and haven't really found much, but I'm hopeful that someone here might know of something?
I'm not too sure on what I'd be wanting to do just yet, but options would be nice. Remote controlled (wired or wireless) would be cool, or maybe a USB configurable mode where you could record certain movements to be 'played back' via the push of a button?
I don't know. I honestly know nothing about this stuff. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers - Chris


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Been looking around some more. Has anyone ever taken something like a Robosapien and modded that to install into their own project?


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Ah I see, I haven't seen anyone hack a retail robot for prop purposes. I'm sure a specialized doll store would have a figure to fit gizmo. Maybe not remote controlled just a few minor movements.


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You may want to look into the Lego Mindstorm stuff, Or the Vex robotic kits. You can design just about anything with them and the parts are small enough they might work.
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