Where to buy Foamies?

Discussion in 'Replica Costumes' started by DavidCoppola, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. DavidCoppola

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    Need to finish a project for Halloween today. Thought Foamies might work well, never used them.
    Where are they available? Jo Ann Fabrics, Michaels?

  2. CelticRuins

    CelticRuins Sr Member

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    All of those places, plus Hobby Lobby. Hobby Lobby actually has the cheapest, at 89cents a sheet.

    Though Joann's has the range in thicknesses.
  3. writefast

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    I got the foam I'm using from walmart. If I remember right it was $6 for 18 sheets. Sheets are 11" x 10" I think.
  4. joee

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    if you're talking eva. I get mine at micheals. if you sign up for their website they send coupons for 50% off. They sell foam rolls by creatology for 7 bucks but with discounts you can get 2 for one. I love the sheets because you can create bigger pieces with them.
  5. the_batdemon

    the_batdemon Sr Member

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    I've bought 8x10 packs of the thinner sheets at Dollar Tree. I think there were 8-12 in a pack.

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