Where did you get your Starlord Pants.....

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by mikid, Aug 28, 2015.

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    just trying to see where everyone has gone with these...store, custom....thats the weakest link in my out fit, will post new picks soon after Labor Day Wizard World....looking to update the motorcycle pants to fix better...and feel better on...not so stiff..........
  2. MrSouthpaw

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    Most here made them. I hope one of them does a tutorial someday.

    There are a couple choices on ebay, just search for "Star Lord Pants".

    An outfit called Siq clothing works out of etsy and makes them. Probably the most screen accurate purchasable pants.

    If there are any other makers out there selling them I do not know.
  3. Chris27989

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    I commissioned a pair with a seamstress and sent her some reference material and some parts I had from here like accurate zips etc..
    I'm waiting on receiving them as she has a waiting list, but as I cant sew and dont plan on learning on a set of pants I thought use someone elses skills

    Good Luck
  4. Ein


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    I commissioned a pair from a gentleman in NYC who does the occasional costuming job named Raemond Martin. He was excellent. I live close enough to NYC that I was able to go in for a couple of fittings and the pants I ultimately got were dead accurate and also surprisingly comfortable. It was not particularly cheap, but it was worth it.


    One of the in-progress shots of the pair I ended up with before the leather side holster pads got added.
  5. RiotJavelinDX

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    Many people....modded existing pants...others...had commissioned work done....which is.....expensive.

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