Where can I get hollow plastic domes / spheres?


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I need some hollow plastic domes, up to around 1' in diameter, and around 1/8" to 1/4" thick. And I need them to fit snugly inside one another. Does anyone have any idea where I could find something like that?

Also, if I were to have to fabricate something like that myself, does anyone have any suggestions for how to go about it in a manner which would allow me to create the specific diameters I need with tight tolerances and without resorting to creating huge silicone molds?
heres a tutorial i made up a while back.

i dont know if it will work out with the thickness you want though.

but here it is anyway.


That looks like a good technique for making eyes, but I'm not sure that would work well for domes of the size and tolerances I need.
Yeah, that's the same site I just linked to. I don't think they would work for my needs. I need multiple hemispheres which fit inside eachother snugly. I don't think their domes are round enough or made to tight enough tolerances.
Vacuum forming is definitely the best way to make plastic hemispheres. It's unlikely that you'll find somewhere that stocks such large domes in 1/4" size increments.

Your best best is to see if you can contact a company similar to those above and get some custom domes made.

Or make your own formers and try to get access to a vacuum forming machine, some people here will have access to one, it's just finding someone willing and close enough that shipping doesn't get out of hand.
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