Where can I find closed cell, flexible foam?


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Hey RPF, I'm in a very bad spot now I think. I'll give the reason on why I'm hear than I'll move on to my dilemma.

I need closed cell foam that I can flex AND paint on. I'm making a prop for the first time. I'm making it to be form fitting around my head. It'll be flush (hopefully). Perhaps I could be using a different kind of material to achieve what I want. Now I'll tell you what I'm using this for, perhaps you guys can help me out on this issue at this stage in my costume.

I'm making the headpiece for my Adult Togrutan Montral. This is Star Wars Related and I could of put this topic in that subtopic BUT I did my research with others looking up foam. It was this topic they talked about it, here's me hoping that you guys are more knowledgeable about the subject. No matter what, I'll be asking both parties, I feel a bit desperate here to find good, reliable materials. It's driving me a bit crazy haha!


The plan was to get a bicycle helmet, grind it off around the area with the pencil markings with an Angle Grinder. Next I start forming the foam around the Bicycle helmet to make the form of the head. It'll be flat and floppy, but it'll be filled with polyfill to hold the shape. I may add polyfill as I do the work. How the foam will be stuck to the helmet comes from folding the foam over onto the INSIDE of the helmet. I'm not sure what I'll be doing after that. I got a milwright helping me out on this, he's taken the lead of this design. His years of experience in fabricating things superceds my research I'd like to think.

Reference img of what I'm making

All done on mobile, and in a wee bit of a rush hehe!


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