When will the Marvel backlash begin?

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Anyone else think the honeymoon for Marvel may have to come to an end at some point soon? I can honestly say I've enjoyed every MCU movie, but I can also honestly say that if you asked me anything about any of them, I might not be able to answer. What were the aliens in Avengers? The magic substance in Thor? What was Whiplash's beef again? That planet with Nova Corps...why was it important? How did Iron Man 3 end? What happened to Bucky that made him evil? I know Loki is charming and Star Lord is rakish and Tony Stark is snarky. I know that I get a weird happy rush when I watch the MCU films...but I also know that I almost can't remember a single thing about them once they're over. And I can't seem to dig in to watch any of them more than twice.

And damn it, I'll still see Avengers 2 and Ant-man. Because I'm weak and they look awesome. But does anyone else think Marvel might not have too much longer before people begin to lose interest in the same old same old?
Sadly marvel has made their characters so generic that they're really not as much like the comic versions anymore which is part of the problem with putting them on film, you have a lot of storyline that gets lost. That and the movies take a lot from the normal comics and the Ultimates comics where they weren't even like their original comics selves to start with.
I think it's all good until they do a bad movie. The only ones I probably wouldn't rewatch are the two Thor movies. I thought the environments were interesting, but overall the movies aren't as fun as Iron Man or Avengers.
Thor 1 was a great movie. If you have seen any Brannagnan [spelling] movie it is his work. Even if you think marvel characters are generic [some are] they have built a system that makes you care for them. I equate it to a baseball teams farm system. We like our team but are also looking at the latest prospect
Was that on the road map? I can't even recall.

Winter 2018.

Sadly she's already been bumping into issues in regards to how her character will be handled. She was so close to appearing in Age of Ultron that film plates meant for her character are actually going to be used in the film, only they'll feature Scarlett Witch instead of Captain Marvel (It's highly likely that Captain America's scene where he says "She's with us" was one of those plate shots meant for Captain Marvel) . Also her film has been delayed six months so Marvel could give Sony room to squeeze in their MCU Spiderman. You can imagine how much that made my day.

If there is going to be any genre fatigue, the late 2018 release date feels like the most practical date for that to occur. With all the super hero films coming out between now and Winter 2018, Captain Marvel would have to be really special in order to stand out amongst the other comic book movies. Being good just will not cut it. She's got to be something (and someone) really new and encouraging if she's to have any staying power.
I thought for sure GOTG was going to be their first misstep and if you listen to some of the people on this board, it was. Obviously that wasn't the case, though. As long as Marvel\Disney remain committed to putting out quality films made by people who genuinely care about the source material, they'll be ok. When you look at some of the films done by Sony and Fox, you can see where they made sacrifices in story or other areas in order to appeal to a wider audience. I really wish they'd just give Marvel their characters back.
I'm quite sick of these things, myself. I recently saw GotG and just found it empty. It had some chuckles in it for me but I honestly didn't end up caring for any of the characters and felt like I was on a leash the whole time watching it. There's gotta be a time when the bubble bursts; it's gotta happen, and when it does, Hollywood's gonna have to go under the knife.

However, for the moment, Daredevil was pretty good but I think I am for something more grim. PUN intended, but I'm Iooking down the sights at Punisher.
I think the real danger will come with Spider-Man.

The general public just might be worn out on the title due to yet another recast. The fans have been waiting so long for this that the bar may be impossibly high.
Anyone else think the honeymoon for Marvel may have to come to an end...
Past/present tense.
...at some point soon?
Future tense.

Poor grammar aside, NO.
Kids love Marvel movies like they love the Star Wars Prequels.
Are they ****e movies? Sometimes.
Are kids smart enough to know they're ****e? Nope.

Frankly, at their WORST they're 1,000 times better than that 'prequel' trash at it's best.
Please, Marvel, make more bad movies.
Because you're so DAMNED good at it.
. What were the aliens in Avengers?

. The magic substance in Thor?
There wasn't any, maybe you mean the 2nd one, in which case "ether"

. What was Whiplash's beef again?
His father was fired by Tony Stark's father, and Whiplash felt jealous of Tony's money and fame

.That planet with Nova Corps...why was it important?
It wasn't, that was the point, by sacrificing themselves for a planet not one of them had any connections with, criminals became heroes.

. How did Iron Man 3 end?
With the bad guys dead and Tony finally getting his heart operation.

. What happened to Bucky that made him evil?

Maybe the problem isnt so much with the films, but the amount of attention you pay to them.
So long as they keep making good movies, the gravy train will go on forever. They haven't made a serious misstep yet and I honestly don't expect them to.
It took Marvel a couple of attempts to hit their stride and they've already had their "failures". "Hulk" movies anybody? "Iron Man" represented their first true home run and thats purely because Robert Downey J made the character his own and they made it great fun. When all super hrero movies up to that point had been deadly serious. And then the master stroke was to make each separate movie link into a wider universe, again by getting the casting of both the hero and the villian spot on. So in effect they've grown it into a huge series of episodes and they are just great entertainment ! How can you find them "all the same"??????? Explainl please? Its like saying "hey you know what ,all the comics seem the same" because they are written by the same writers and illustrated by the same artists. The beauty of the movies actually IS that they feel quite different, actually more so than many of the comic versions.
It seems to be the trend today where people are just dying to see somebody fail, just to give them something to talk about. Its inevitable that at some point one movie will be less succefull than the others, "Captain America" was far less popular than "Iron Man." "Iron Man 2" displeased many after the critical and commercial success of the first. Its all going to be swings and roundabouts because we all have different tastes, but I think Marvel have done a fantastic job of broadening the franchise. Keep them coming is what I say
As a 50 year old guy who grew up with these comics and had to sit through all that horrid 70s television stuff, I'm loving ALL this Marvel stuff. I enjoyed a few of the really old 60s cartoons when I was a small child, but thought all that Spider-man/X-men animated stuff of the 90s was garbage. I've always wanted to see good live action movies of these characters and am finally getting it.

I hope this wave continues further for a good long while.
Past/present tense.

Future tense.

Poor grammar aside, NO.
Kids love Marvel movies like they love the Star Wars Prequels.
Are they ****e movies? Sometimes.
Are kids smart enough to know they're ****e? Nope.

Frankly, at their WORST they're 1,000 times better than that 'prequel' trash at it's best.
Please, Marvel, make more bad movies.
Because you're so DAMNED good at it.

My grammar was fine, but if taking off-topic shots at people's writing style makes the internet a happier place for you, have at it.
It certainly won't come to an end with Avengers: AoU because the early buzz on it is really positive. I'm thinking Ant-Man could be their first really big flop, but then again I thought that last summer about GotG and it turned out awesome so maybe the streak will just keep going. Of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies so far, I'd say the biggest disappointments for me were Thor 2 and Iron Man 3. They're not terrible films, but they certainly could have been A LOT better.
I don't think the backlash will be because they start making bad movies, just that the public will tire of them. I'm sure they can keep the same level of quality up.
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