when life gives you lemons.. go all portal on its ass!


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hi guys, so a few weeks ago i posted up my take on a portal 2 combustible lemon grenade (here http://www.therpf.com/f9/portal-2-combustible-lemon-206705/) which im currently taking orders on for a limited run of resin kits and fully finished lemons. whilst i was doing my research on this though i saw that a few artists had designed their own interpretations of what a lemon blaster should look like and since im on the back end of a commission i thought this might be a nice little side hobby to put on the back burner. these are the images ive seen so far that im interested in and basically im just fishing for any ideas on what i could definitively design and build!
cheers guys and i cant wait for your ideas!


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You could take the miniature Portal gun offered by Thinkgeek.com and modify it into the right side design, save you time on the build. :)



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Of all the designs I like the first the most. Since it was gleened from Cave, it would seem to make the most sense it would be based in that era. They threw science at the wall to see what stuck. This would seem the best of the three myself.