What's your top 5 favorite movie scenes !

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by batboyme, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. batboyme

    batboyme New Member

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    I don't mean a movie but a particular scene like Harrison ford hanging off the building at the end of Blade Runner Or the Lobby Scene from The Matrix :)
  2. Flagg

    Flagg Sr Member

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    1. Medlab scene in Aliens where Hicks pokes his head up into the ceiling to see all the aliens scurrying his way...

    2. Opening sequence to Raiders of the Lost Ark

    3. Dying scene of Batty from Blade Runner

    4. "Choke on em!" scene of Rhodes getting munched in Day of the Dead

    5. Quint talking about the Indianapolis in Jaws
  3. batboyme

    batboyme New Member

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    I was thinking about Aliens also but to narrow it to one is so tuff.
  4. Sourdoh

    Sourdoh Sr Member

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    Quint's Indianapolis monologue from Jaws is way up there on my list as well. Gives me chills, no matter how many times I see it.
  5. Wes R

    Wes R Legendary Member

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    The Batty Death scene.
    The scene in the 1986 transformers where Prime takes on all the Decepticons to get to Megatron.
    The end of BTTF where you see the Delorean Fly for the first time.
    The ending flyby in Superman with Chris Reeve
    The end of Thunderdome where Max just gives in to the fact that no matter what he's a good guy at heart and saves the plane.
  6. micdavis

    micdavis Master Member

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    In no particular order.

    Star Destroyer Flyover
    Ghostbusting Montage
    First appearance of Superman
    The end of POTA
    When the War Machines come up out of the ditch in War of the Worlds.
    When George first pushed the lever forward on The Time Machine.

  7. PHArchivist

    PHArchivist Master Member

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    Funny - was just thinking about a thread along these lines. I'd read a review of Drive stating the opening sequence was some of the finest film-making ever.

    Not for me...

    Here's just a couple:
    --Raiders bar gunfight
    --Second bar gunfight in Desparado
  8. batboyme

    batboyme New Member

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    I know its sort of a cliche but come on the Trench run on the Death Star has to be in there lol.
  9. infymys

    infymys Sr Member

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    1. Phoebe Cates coming out of the pool in Fast Times At Ridgemont High.
    2. Final chase scene in The Blues Brothers.
    3. Hit Girl killing everybody in a foyer in Kick-*.
    4. Armored car robbery in Heat.
    5. Battle of Minas Tirith in LOTR: The Return Of The King.
  10. SSgt Burton

    SSgt Burton Sr Member

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    Picking five favourite scenes (or moments) certainly is a daunting task. :wacko

    Some ones have already been mentioned so I won't repeat them.


    -Kirk double crosses Khan and the Enterprise opens up with her phaser banks (still gives me goosebumps to this day)

    -"I'll be back" (The first one)

    -Superman saves Lois and catches the falling helicopter

    -The Air Cav helicopter assault in Apocalypse Now

    -Robocop reclaims his humanity by answering that his name is "Murphy"

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  11. batboyme

    batboyme New Member

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    Its cool a how a particular scene effects each person different .
  12. wannab

    wannab Sr Member

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    Off the top of the old noodle...

    Opening scene in Silverado -- best opening IMO

    Tantive chase in Star Wars -- changed my movie watching DNA as a kid

    Barry kidnapping in Close Encounters

    Always be closing speech in Glengarry

    The moment when Michael Corleone finds out his brother was the one who betrayed him and then realizes he has to kill his own brother -- no words spoken yet it's all in his face.

    many more to add

  13. PHArchivist

    PHArchivist Master Member

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    Good choice...

    DARTH SABER Master Member

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    1 - The Godfather part 2 - When Senator Geary is in Michaels office (during his sons communion party) and Geary is basically slamming Micheals Italian background and says he plans to charge him a higher price for the gambling license...Michaels counter-offer is priceless.

    2- Jaws- Indianapolis speech of course.

    3- Final scene from the Shining.

    4- King Kong (1933) When Denham pulls out the map and finally tells Englehorn and Driscoll about the legend of Kong...."Every legend has a basis of truth"

    5- Close Encounters - When Neary is at the railroad tracks.
  15. Shylaah

    Shylaah Sr Member

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    My all time favorite is LOTR ROTK when everyone, even the King bows to the Hobbits---eeessseee....goosebumps just to think about it!!

    In Short Circuit when Number Johnny 5 doesn't understand about death and wants Stephanie to re-assemble the bug.

    The Lion King, the presentation of Simba!

    In Little Big Man when Grandfather goes up on the mountain to die and makes his big speech and lays down but doesn't die.

    The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951 original) when Gort goes and gets the dead Klaatu and carries him back to the space ship.

    Don't know that these are my top five, except for the top one, but some of my favs that I could think of right now.....

  16. Shadow345

    Shadow345 Well-Known Member

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    2001: A Space Odyssey - When the ape has an epiphany and figures out how to use a bone as a weapon and tool.

    Terminator 2: Judgement Day - T-1000 chases down John Connor with a truck

    Jaws: Anonymous guys try to catch the shark with the wifes holiday roast, resulting in the dock being pulled down with the shark. Now towed by the shark, the dock then proceeds to turn around and head for the fisherman who fell into the water as a result. This isn't the most talked about scene in Jaws, but it is my favorite.

    Nosferatu : Shadow creeping up the stairs.

    An American Werewolf in London: Werewolf attack on the moors.
  17. rodneyfaile

    rodneyfaile Sr Member

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    In no particular order:

    Diner scene in Pulp Fiction

    Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glenross

    Opening of Blade

    Opening of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

    Jaws Indianapolis speech

    Opening credits to Superman

    End of Casablanca

    Opening of Watchmen
  18. mantroonUKCM

    mantroonUKCM New Member

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    1. Blood test scene in John Carpenter's The Thing
    2. Mutara Nebula from Wrath of Kahn
    3. Covered in Mud from Predator
    4. Hospital Escape from Terminator 2
    5. Roy Batty Death Scene
  19. jcoffman99

    jcoffman99 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Jaws Indianapolis scene
    The map room scene in Raiders. The music gets me every time.
    The last time that Andy talks to Red in the yard in Shawshank
    Marty playing Johnny B Good
    The dinner table scene in Christmas Vacation where the old lady says the Pledge of Allegiance and Randy Quaid stands up. Gets me every time.
  20. familyman

    familyman Sr Member

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    AT-ATs in TESB love the scene when you see them through the hoth troopers binoculars.
    Aliens I love the scene with the smart guns or sentry guns whatever they are caledl.
    The "whats your record" scene in Uncle Buck with macaulay culkin and john candy
    Where's your wife?

    Don't have one.

    Why not?

    It's a long story.

    Do you have kids?

    No I don't.

    How come?

    It's an even longer story

    Rocky, "yo Adrien, I did it" chills just writing that down man..

    Reel Steal when the boy stops watching his robot fight and starts watching his dad instead, I love the scene..
  21. Clutch

    Clutch Master Member

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    When Pacino chews Spacy a new one in Glengarry Glen Ross. With the brass balls speech a close second.

    T-Rex busting through fence in Jurassic Park

    The law is coming! You tell them I'm coming . . . and Hell's coming with me! You hear?! Hell's coming with me! - Tombstone

    My God, what have I done? - The Bridge On The River Kwai

    Orgy chamber fight scene - Millius' Conan
  22. Jayn

    Jayn Sr Member

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    First appearance of AT-ATs & the whole Hoth Battle - my jaw was on the floor!
    Luke watching the twin suns.. exactly how I felt at that age too - just wanted to get the *f* offa the planet!
    in Aliens when Ripley's holding Newt & says "close your eyes baby"
    Those are the 3 main ones.. so hard to pick.. Heck, I love ANY scene in Star Wars
  23. Davard74

    Davard74 Member

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    1) In ESB at the end. Right after the MF goes to lightspeed. They show Vader, and he looks, then turns his head, and looks back. The "look" on his face through the music.. you know he is *! Even as he walks away people sort of look at him.

    2) Maltese Falcon, at the end.. the "the stuff dreams are made of " dialog. I just really like that.

    3) Raiders.. the "lightning, fire... power of God or something" scene.

    4) Usual Suspects when at the end the cop notices all the things on the wall. This actualy leads to me thinking the entire plot of the movie is made invalid.. but that's another thread.

    5) I'm a sucker for the bike flying scene in E.T. Seeing that as a kid. I sooo wanted to do that!
  24. Lost in Trek

    Lost in Trek Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Not sure about my top 5, but I know my all time favorite number one scene...

    The helicoptor rescue from Superman The Movie.
  25. terryr

    terryr Sr Member

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    After a quick think;

    3 way shootout in Good Bad and Ugly. Exciting even when you know the outcome.

    Shootout between Bronson and Fonda in Once Upon A Time In The West. Long wait, then fast and matter of fact.

    They all blast the jungle together in Predator. They don't what's up but join their buddy.

    Pee Wee gets up in Pee Wees Big Adventure.

    False alarm gong in The Seven Samurai. The Samurai rush to protect people who hate them.
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  26. PHArchivist

    PHArchivist Master Member

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    The opening sequence of Top Gun...

    The building music, the camera filtering, the steam, the close-ups of the jets on the carrier deck, the cut from the Top Gun Theme to Danger Zone just as the Tomcat launches off the cat...

    Cinematic gold...


    And I don't CARE if the snot-noses think is a product of the gay-ties!
  27. The Wook

    The Wook Master Member

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    Ooof, very tough to narrow it down to just 5. But here goes...

    1) Star Wars: Ben Kenobi's reaction when Luke tells him the droid claims to be the property "of an Obi Wan Kenobi". (I get chills just typing this.)

    2) Rocky: The fight between Rocky and Apollo in the first film. (Especially when Conti's "Going The Distance" music is playing, and especially when Rock beckons Apollo to come out for the final round.)

    3) Gladiator: Commodus' "other kinds of virtues" appeal to his father Marcus Aurelius, and then suffocating him to death. (Gladiator has been gradually moving up my list and has recently crept into my top 5 films of all time.)

    4) Field of Dreams: The "catch", and the dialogue leading up to it, between John and Ray Kinsella. (Not many things make me cry. This is one.)

    5) Live And Let Die: The boat chase. (The music, the stunts, and Sheriff J.W. Pepper! :lol)

    The Wook
  28. drakeprimeone

    drakeprimeone Well-Known Member

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  29. Jeyl

    Jeyl Master Member

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    Right there with ya. And the studio fired Scott for that. :lol

    When you watch scenes like that when you're no older than 4 and continue to watch it as you grew up, it sticks with you.
  30. Alan Castillo

    Alan Castillo Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Only ONE does it for me :lol :thumbsup
  31. Riceball

    Riceball Sr Member

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    Ditto on the opening sequence from Top Gun, that scenes gives me goose bumps every time I see it.

    The Princess Bride - The duel between Inigo and Westley/Dread Pirate Rogers.

    Star Trek II - Enterprise leaving space dock, love that scene almost as much as I love the Top Gun opening sequence.
  32. wannab

    wannab Sr Member

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    Gotta add...
    "They Live" alley fight!

  33. scotthm

    scotthm Active Member

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    For something a little off the beaten path, and in no particular order...

    1. The Adventures of Robin Hood: Sword fight between Erroll Flynn and Basil Rathbone

    2. Ben-Hur (1959): The chariot race

    3. Rear Window: The introduction of Grace Kelly

    4. Love Me Tonight: Maurice Chevalier's introduction to Solitude

    5. Murder, He Says: The scene with Fred MacMurray "sitting" in the basement

  34. wannab

    wannab Sr Member

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    You ought to check out Captain Blood too, another good duel.

    Basil was an expert swordsman ("the best in Hollywood history") and he hated having to lose to Erroll in these movies.

  35. Laspector

    Laspector Sr Member

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    When Tony Stark suits up as Iron Man in the first movie. That is one of the coolest things I've ever seen!!
  36. Alan Cross

    Alan Cross Sr Member

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    This. Awesome scene.
  37. tcsmit29

    tcsmit29 Well-Known Member

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    This is a great topic! I actually had to think about this a while before giving a reply. There are so many great movies with good scenes in them. Here are five of my favorites.

    1) ROTS - When the newly christened Darth Vader and the 501st march into the Jedi temple.

    2) Black Hawk Down - When the 2 delta snipers try to fend off the mob and save the wrecked pilot. Props go out to the real Shugart and Gordon. These kind of heroes make me proud to be an American.

    3) Chasing Amy - the Jay/silent bob cameo at the end of the movie. I waited through the whole flick to see the appearance. The payoff was worth it.

    4) Braveheart - the ending scene where Robert the Bruce finally follows Wallace's lead and win independence for the scots.

    5) Shawshank Redemption - the scene that shows how Andy escaped.

    There are many more...
  38. Damrod

    Damrod New Member

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    1. Do ya really wanna jump from Lethal Weapon

    2. I am on the ground from Flght of the Intruder

    3. Never get off the boat in Apocalypse Now

    4. They f you in the drive thru and Uncle Bennie in LW 3

    5. Battles in LOTR
  39. Werstrooper

    Werstrooper Well-Known Member

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    Primer - When Abe shows Aaron his 'other self' through the binoculars

    Goonies - When the kids start looting One Eyed Willys treasure

    ROTJ - When Vader taunts Luke about leia and Luke screams no! jumping out of the shadows

    Transformers 2 - When Prime loads up with Jetfires spare parts (yeah im weird but i just love the scene)

    Chronicle - When the boys learn to fly
  40. PHArchivist

    PHArchivist Master Member

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    When Wallace is riding in, in slow motion, war hammer on his back, mace at the ready, to avenge Muron's death.
  41. Rusty85

    Rusty85 Sr Member

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    Cabin in the Woods where the monsters are unleashed has definitely got to be one of my top movie moments now.
  42. Nexus6

    Nexus6 Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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  43. batboyme

    batboyme New Member

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    Never did give my list lol
    One of them is Russell Crowe in Gladiator
    Are you not entertained?
  44. PHArchivist

    PHArchivist Master Member

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    I was thinking about that one too...

    Another fantastic sequence is the ending of Unforgiven...

    "I don't deserve to die like this!"

    "Deserves got nuthin' to do with it!"
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  45. batboyme

    batboyme New Member

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    Thanks! The camera angle shooting under him when he walks into the arena as
    the rose petals are pouring down over him like rain is one of the best shots ever its perfection.
  46. tcsmit29

    tcsmit29 Well-Known Member

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    +1 for this scene as well. There are so many good ones out there that it is hard to only name 5.
  47. PotionMistress

    PotionMistress Sr Member

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    Monty Python Life of Brian; scene where they’re all sitting around complaining, ‘What did the Romans ever do for US? ‘

    -Scene in Cool Hand Luke where everyone has bets watching if Luke can eat 50 eggs.

    -Scene in Harry Potter’s Sorcerers Stone where Hagrid takes Harry to Diagon Alley for the first time to pick up supplies.

    -Opening scene in Office Space where the guy is stuck in traffic and watches an old man pass him using a walker.

    -Scene in Soylent Green where Edward G. Robinson is on his deathbed in the ‘factory’ watching scenes of what life on Earth used to be like.
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  48. payton paison

    payton paison Well-Known Member

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    Godfather I and II, any scene in each movie, every time I watch them I find something new.

    Saving Private Ryan D-Day beach landing, speaks for itself
  49. GeneralFROSTY


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    Stealing the Enterprise - Star Trek III
    Hoverboard Chase - Back to the Future part II
    Airshow Rescue - The Rocketeer
    Asteroid Chase - The Empire Strikes Back
    Club Obi-Wan - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  50. The Wook

    The Wook Master Member

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    It's amazing how few scenes are mentioned by 3 or more people. I didn't actually go through the thread and count, but from what I recall the Star Destroyer flyover scene and the Indianapolis speech were the only two scenes ranked in the top 5 by at least 3 people. And I'm surprised no one's echoed a few of my top 5.

    The Wook

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