What's your favourite Greeble


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Hi , I am fascinated with the details on studio models, but wondered has anyone got any Greeble that's your favourite , whether it was a difficult to identify Greeble that took an age to find out or a favourite Greeble you use whether it's a well known product you have used on multiple builds to fill engine areas or some kit part that when cut up really works well.


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Hard for me to pick up one from my 600+ kits I have.
The Karl and Leo are great because they have tons of cool parts !
I love the vintage Shinano and Yamato too.
I like the Steyr too.


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The Karl Morser and Leopold are my absolute go-to kits for greeblies!

I try lots of tank, aircraft and auto kits to see what new bits are usable. I've even used parts from those old Visible Human kits.

Mike J.

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I'm partial to the Sd Kfz 222, just because it's the one studio scale donor I've actually built and am familiar with. It's pretty snazzy out of the box, too.


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If I had to chose one kit that I've used the most kit bashed parts from it would probably be the 1/25 British Centurion or the 8 Rad. Both kits are used on about every Sci first ship I can name.


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i'm gonna go with the tamiya 1/12 scale formula 1 ferrari 312T4.tons of great greeblies in these kits.i got a few of em.the engine pieces are fantastic!!!


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Building the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon has forced us to recreate MANY of the greeblies we see throughout the cockpit. Trying to pick out one greeblie is tough! From a simplistic perspective I LOVE the Volvo dash cluster. From a fabrication standpoint I love the Vertical Gauges and Sliders we designed or the the trays on the upper panels.

Like I said... tough question to answer! :)


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Hard to tell, since all of my greeblies are made, or ripped/re-used from old computers, laptops, printers, scanners, mechanical toothbrushes, make-up caps, ink cartridges for photocopying machine and faxes, etc;)


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Mine has to be the Flakvierling. It´s used on so many SW models, and I also like to use it when modifying and detailing SW models which didn´t use Flakvierling parts or never even existed in physical form - it´s my way of 'starwarsifying' a model. :)


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Jason is that the armored bulldozer?

yeah,itz the armoured bulldozer,jasons right.lots of great parts and good quality.i bought a couple of these kits.
shouldn't be hard to get,was only released bout 18 months ago