What's your favorite Schoolhouse Rock Short?


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I love all the most catchy Schoolhouse Rock tunes, ("3 is a magic number", "I'm Just a Bill", "interjections!", "Conjunction Junction", "Unpack Your Adjectives", "Lucky 7" etc...) but the standout for me is the lyrical and beautiful "Figure Eight" as sung by Blossom Dearie.

Schoolhouse Rock also got me interested in a handful of jazz musicians I might have overlooked otherwise - Bob Dorough, Jack Sheldon, Blossom Dearie and Dave Frishberg.


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I have all the dvds and all the songs on my playlist. Totally grew up on this stuff. And like most, I also learned the Preamble from them. However, I flunked it doing an oral report because the song leaves out the "--of the United States of America" after "We the people--". My dumbass stone age teacher back then didn't think it was 'true' learning if we were learning it off TV.

I remember back in the late 90s or maybe early 2000s a bunch of rock bands covered the songs and did a CD. Someone gave it to me for Christmas. And to be honest, I'm sorry but the rock versions just don't have the magic of the originals. I think I listened to it once or twice and haven't touched it since.


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To this day, I still sing "Conjunction Junction" to myself out-loud.

I wish more "learning" material was delivered as fun and cool as SchoolHouse Rock was (and early Sesame Street). Unfortunately, I don't think the culture will have anything like the vast, now-classic, talent pool and the class that came with them that existed then.
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Musically, "Sufferin' 'til Suffrage" stands out to me and always has. The truth is, there were far more standouts than also-rans, if the extent to which they have stuck in my mind is a barometer. I'm sure that my having been five years-old when they started airing in 1973 played a big role in that.



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I don't know why I thought of Jack Black when I read the title. Then I realized it's Schoolhouse Rock, not School of Rock, duh ! ; )

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