Question What's this friend request business?


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Okay. I don't get it?

What's this friend request business? Does it serve a purpose? What happens if you "accept" someone as a friend?

I mean, call me simple, but I figured anyone can drop me a message/PM if they want to, regardless.

This friend thing makes things awkward. It seems the new guys are fond of sending these requests. I don't want to be a dick, but you know you're labeled as one the second you don't accept a newbie who comes a knockin'...

Again. What's the point of this feature? I've done without for a decade, here. :confused
I just prefer to know someone before I label myself as a "friend."
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Art Andrews

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By all that is sacred and holy.... DON'T ACCEPT!!! Monsters will eat you!!!


I only laugh because I have gotten several PMs with virtually the same question with people thinking that accepting a friend request will somehow allow other members access to the private information of their friends.

At the moment the friends feature doesn't server a great purpose as it simply puts those you accept on a "friends" list.

In the future, it can be used to allow certain people access to certain things you post in your profile.

Too Much Garlic

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WOW... becoming more an more like a dating service.

I'm a dick, so don't ask to be my friend... as I'll probably get hungry and eat... oh wait... no... that's creating the wrong mental picture... go away... run far away... pixies...


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yeah, man...forcing me to be sociable and sh#t. Don't these pups know I have props to make?!:lol

Just hit me odd...the new guys sending the requests.

I'm thinking, "Who are these people?!"

Charles Kline

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I don't use the friend system on any forum/ message board.

If I don't accept your friend request it doesn't mean I hate you, just that this isn't facebook, and I don't look at # of friends as a status symbol.

well i have a question.

my wife and I are on here and we are still contacts to eachother and not friends and for the life of me i cannot find the "befriend button" or anything like that!