What's the story on HASBRO's Signature Series Luke Skywalker ANH lightsaber?


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I am interested in purchasing one of these with the removable blade. What's the story on this thing? What is the general consensus on the accuracy and quality of this lightsaber? I can't find any of them for sale online that is low priced compared with the others. Why is this particular version so expensive, is it rare?
I have the Anakin "removable blade" saber. I've never held a real Graflex *sad face* so I can't tell you the accuracy.

What is the "Signature Series"? What's the difference?
I took some comparison shots for you.

I own a real Graflex (top) and a Hasbro force fx removable blade Luke ANH (bottom).

The Hasbro is a little bit wider and longer than the real thing. The grips are softer than hardplastic and thicker.
The glass eye is bigger and not clear glass.
The D-ring isn't propeely aligned and has not the right dimensions.

See for your self.

uploadfromtaptalk1424422217871.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1424422237896.jpg asset.php.jpg

uploadfromtaptalk1424422276433.jpg assebt.php.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1424422304945.jpg

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I remember something about these Hasbro sabers were originally Master Replicas before Hasbro acquired the Star Wars license? So, Master Replicas/Hasbro made these Force FX versions slightly bigger to accommodate the electronics?

WhillB : I think the "Signature Series" denotes the Removable Blade feature....?
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The glass eye in the hasbro is actually attached to the inner guts or something. There is a cut-out in the outer shell the same size as the Anakin saber's brass button, I believe they use the same graflex shell for both, or they used to.
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