What's the quality of HC's "authentic Robin costume"?

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This one.

The first thing I noticed is that basically, what is shown in the photo and what is shown in the video are two different costumes. The sculpts look much less defined in the video, and the mask is different too.
The second thing I noticed is the cape, and how it neatly prevents us to see the back of the costume in the video. Does the cape hide that it's just "half a costume" and all there is in the back are straps to keep the pieces on (as opposed to pieces that go all the way around)?
I've suspected this since I've seen a Sub-Zero costume review on Youtube, showing that nothing in that costume went all the way around, and there was just the front of the costume with straps in the back.
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Well, it looks like this video gives me the answer I was looking for. And OMG it sucks! It's not half a costume, but it doesn't go all the way behind your back, and you can't even put it on on your own! You need someone else to TIE the STRINGS that keep the various parts closed! That's right, strings. Not even elastic. And the various parts are all out of proportion: the torso piece is tiny and the gloves are huge! I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.
With the gloves that bad, I guess it explains why all of the "catalog photos" of people in the suit have their hands closed/hidden and up against their hips.

Prevents people from seeing how bad they really are.
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