Whats the Lowest LE number in your collection??


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I was displaying more of my replica's today, and got to thinking how many members here have a number lower than 10??? I only have one, and here and mine in order:

MR MIB II Neuralyzer: 7/1000

MR SW Ep3 Star Corps helmet: 057

MR LOTR Sauron's Finger: 78/2500

MR SW Ep3 Shock Trooper Helmet: 154/750

SS Terminator 2 Endo Arm : 168/750

Unobtainium Pumpkin Bomb: 205

Jurassic ParK Raptor Statue: 0313

MR AVP Hybrid Chestburster: 334/1500

MR SW Thermal Detonator: 340/1000

UC Sauron's Hand : 0497/3000

MR Predator 2 Spear: 855/2500

UC Sauron's Helmet: 2969/3000


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I have a 1:1 scale Ep 2 Yoda that is one(not #1) of 20. :)

I also have an awesome 1:1 ESB Yoda head that is one of 3 made. :)

Though, I think you mean licensed collectibles... :lol


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Originally posted by Gytheran@Feb 15 2006, 01:31 PM

Though, I think you mean licensed collectibles... :lol

Well, that was the Idea :D

And I will soon have a Spec Ops helmet 1 of 750 :angry What was your numbered??

My Shock Trooper helmet should arrive today.....

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Lowest numbered piece in my collection...??

That'd be this puppy here:

The number blew me away because...

...I'm figuring Alex himself had all the #1s, or maybe Nick Barrucci.

And it's Mark..
If you're a Battle of the Planets fan like *I* am, well, this is the jackpot. :lol



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Lowest numbered piece in my collection:

MR Star Trek TOS Phaser SE Shatner: #002/500.


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Originally posted by temponaut@Feb 15 2006, 11:27 PM
Lowest numbered piece in my collection:

MR Star Trek TOS Phaser SE Shatner: #002/500.
I got number 5.


I have the MR battle damaged Maul #1 and the MR AFBB Obi #13.

I also have the Larbel SS Qui Gon #1 and the Larbel SS Obi #13.


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My lowest numbered pieces are my HellBoy Samaritan (#24) and my MR Damaged Maul saber (#26 of 750). Everything else is in the hundreds (if not the thousands :( ).



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MR OBI AFBB #21/500
Applause Guardians of Peace Statue/Diorama 53/3000
Palisades 16" Optimus Prime 54/1750