What's the best materials I can use to make a translucent cast please


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I want to make my own light up Sankara Stones--

I have dimensions, even the lighting. I have limited experience with molds but I'm not afraid of the task.
What I really need is What type of materials do I use for the cast itself. Needs to be translucent enough to show plenty of light but dark enough to look like our beloved Sankara Stone and these have the crackle effect to them-not just light

I have been searching Google and images but only really finding how to darken the resin. I'm probably using the wrong key words.

Also -I have done some drop molds and lighter casts but for the most part, I'm to be considered a newbie at molds and casting, so links would be fantastic and also amounts-(size of containers needed)

Many thanks in advance


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This may sound obvious, but have you tried looking up "clear resin"? That should help you find a solution
I did but only seeing how to darken it. Looking for the bubbles look inside the cast.-Again, I'm probably not using the correct key words in the search. I don't know what that look is called. Like the photo below (not mine)
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I think you're the first person to actively want bubbles in a resin cast :) I get them when I don't want them. Creating air bubbles in resin to a particular form would be near on impossible I would think.
Those items in the picture appear to be coated in amber, so if your aiming for that particular look, you'd be best to tint clear resin with orange pigment but as for creating a negative space in the middle like an air bubble is a bit too advanced for me

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