What's the best "gap-filling" glue for vinyl?


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Like it says above.


OK, I just posted this on another thread, but it still works here.

Look at your local hobby shop. Most sell rubberized CA (superglue). It's black, and works great. The rubber in the glue makes it less brittle than normal CA. The R/C guys use it on their cars and planes because it better resists cracking due to the vibration of the motors, and bumps or whatever. It sands well too, and is great for filling gaps.

I used this on vinyl kits and it works great!

Good Luck!
I use a medium CA with a kicker (accelerator). That way I get both the gap-filling plus of the medium CA, and then the instant dry time thanks to the kicker. Don't try this with technique on too large a gap though as you'll be sanding for quite a time otherwise....
Black CA glue, a hair dryer, and you shouldn't have to fill gaps. I've had really good luck with the black "tire glue" CA. Also Magic Sculpt. You can smooth it with water, and it sands great.

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