Whatever Happened to the 1:1 Airwolf Replica?

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Hey everyone,

Another thread on the RPF got me thinking about the 1:1 scale Airwolf replica that was built (or being built) a few years back.

Does anyone know what happened to it?


I've been able to piece together that it was in a museum (unfinished) and that the museum went bust - but where did the Lady end up after that? Was she ever completed?
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Ave.. It's still in Pigeon Forge!??? (TMA)
I didn't know this-Good news! The first and last time I got to see the Lady was when it was at the helicopter museum but that place went under 2 years ago and is now another tourist attraction. Had no idea it moved down the street, because I may be wrong on this, but I believe it's currently the ONLY to scale replica in existence and boy is she a thing to see.
The Rumor I had heard was that it was sold and then rebuilt as a rescue unit and crashed at some point. But as all rumors go I could never get that confirmed.
I think the flying Airwolf from the show was sold after filming and turned back in to a normal chopper that was used as a rescue helicopter in Germany, this then crashed killing all on board
This replica was built using non airworthy parts from lots of aircraft
yeah I believe that to be the case, about the original one from the show crashing in Germany sadly. And yes, the replica is just a replica I believe too and not airworthy.

Thanks for the info guys! If it's still there and I'm ever in the area, that's definitely one "must see" item on my list. I was afraid that it was lost after the first museum closed.

I'd have given just about anything to see the real Lady in action:


The fate of the original Lady is a tragic story and reads as follows:

In 1987 the Bell 222A ("Airwolf") got repainted, and they removed all special airframe.


It was shipped to Germany and put in service there. On the 9th of June 1991 it crashed during a thunderstorm, killing its three passengers.

The pilots were flying a little girl on a mercy mission from Berlin to the Cologne University Burns Unit, and was on its return journey when disaster struck as it was surprised by a thunderstorm mixed with fog. Visibility was reduced to just 30 yards. The authorities think it was either pilot error or that lightning struck and burned out the engines. The chopper crashed into a mountainside in a remote part of a forest, and it took about an hour before the rescue services could find the wreck.

It would really be something if someone could get the replica airworthy!

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