What vacuum chamber or pressure pot do you use?

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Hello folks. Just wondering what someone would recommend for true bubble-free castings. Looking to rebuild my studio from scratch and need some input on things that you guys and gals actually use now, not ten years ago. Thanks. Ciao.


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I use a large coffee can with an acrylic lid I made with two bulkhead fittings. One going to my Robinair 15600 vacuum pump(with a vent valve teed off) and the other going to my vacuum gauge.

For pressure casting I have a 2 1/2 gallon paint pot from Grizzly. Harbor freight has them too but they didn't carry it when I needed one. I had to convert it for pressure casting. It's one of the most economical chambers to get. It comes with a regulator and pressure gage. If you need bigger the cost goes up QUICK.

Post #23 shows what I did.

long term plans are to make a thicker clear lid for the pot so that I can degas and move right to preasurizing without moving the molds.

Hope this helps,
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