What to use for rod in 1989 batman cape?


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I'm working on a cape for a local charity that does a lot of kid's events. I'm wanting to put in a rod of some sorts in the front panels so that the actor can lift the cape for pictures but I'm coming up short on what to use. My first guess was dowel rods but I'm worried that one thin enough to use would also be too easy to snap. Splinters + kids = very very bad day.

I considered using the metal rod from one of those cheapie reflector stands from the garden center in Wal Mart -- but it's rather heavy and I'm worried it'll wear through the fabric at either end when the actor kneels. What other materials could I use? Really would like something thin, way under 1/2" diameter if I can get it.

What do you use?


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I use the 1" wooden dowel rods from JoAnns. Used them for 2 years without breakage. Only reason it broke on me was because I placed a 80lb guitar amp on it.

1/2" would probably work but you would need something thicker if your cape is pretty heavy to begin with.They're super cheap too so you can buy a few in case you need back ups. Never had an incident with splinters either. If you sew them in, you should be fine.


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